Thursday, 1 September 2016

It's time to start your SAT preparation

Study abroad planning doesn’t start with deciding about which destination, which college to apply or what course to study in but you have to plan few more things before these. Things that help you to get into your preferred college. You have to think about SAT. Now when you start thinking about SAT, again plethora of question wander in your mind, what is SAT, What is so special about SAT, when I should take SAT, how should I study to score high and what not.

The intent behind starting such standardize tests is to provide colleges with the ease to compare applicants and select right among them. SAT is basically test of knowledge that forms a basis to check student’s potential to succeed in such type of tests by making use of the knowledge base that they have. SAT is made from content that you already familiar with. You will find the same questions and material you had or have been learning in your school. Quite simply, the knowledge and expertise you gain from your school is very helpful in preparing SAT: Essay, Grammar, Algebra, Geometry you will find all of these.

Considering the fact that SAT score set out to be a crucial factor towards college applications, it become very essential for students to score well. That means, student should start preparing for SAT at least a year before the exam. The answer to your question of when should you start studying for SAT depends on your current preparedness.

The best possible time to take your first SAT is in the spring or fall of junior year. So when to start studying for it? It is recommended that you should begin to study for SAT in the summer before your junior year. So if you take it in spring you can get plenty of time to prepare and score well. Also you can retake SAT in fall if you want to achieve high score. Choosing a better plan will completely depend on the way you study and how well you execute your study plan. But for that you have to prepare a strong study timetable.

Taking PSAT will help you in a great way to get familiar with SAT test. Pre SAT will give an insight of real SAT exam and will give you an indication of how well or worse you can perform with your current skills.  Once you know your PSAT score, you can try to improve your score by concentrating on your weak points.

There are many students who prepare for SAT during their school year. This is difficult as junior year is busy and stressful. Those who aim to score high in SAT can bring out solution for this. Dedicating time evenly for SAT every day and fully utilizing spring and winter holidays can bring your goal near to you.

So what’s next?

Are you targeting an excellent score? Get tips from experienced SAT faculty on perfect time to take SAT, how to prepare for SAT, how to improve SAT score, SAT paper pattern/questions and much more. For more perfect score, you can also join our SAT Coaching in Nagpur wherein student get advantage of studying from precise and accurate SAT based study material, regular assignments, mock tests and tricks to deal with difficult questions.


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