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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Top Universities to Study in New Zealand – 2018

Study in New Zealand will give you global exposure even with a restrictive financial situation.

Top Universities to Study in New Zealand – 2018

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Study in New Zealand for International Students

Get more information about how to study in New Zealand for international students and how to get admission in New Zealand for PHD, MBA and other courses.

How to Study in New Zealand

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

University of Canterbury : Why Should you Study Here?

Whether you’re looking for English language and foundation studies to improve your academic abilities, or you want to pursue undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree, you have every option available with University of Canterbury. UC gives you a wide range to choose from 100 qualifications in more than 80 diverse subject areas.

Established in 1873, University of Canterbury is New Zealand’s second oldest university. UC has produced graduates who rose to the level of becoming world leaders in their fields.
This and apart from this there are umpteen reasons to choose UC to be your study abroad destination.

UC - a world recognised university

The University of Canterbury is
·         Ranked in the world’s top 250 universities
·         Ranked in the top 1% of world universities (QS World University Rankings)
·         Has 15 subjects ranked in the world’s top 200
·         Has been awarded a 5-Star QS ranking for globally-renowned research and teaching

UC's campus

Situated on the leafy Christchurch suburb of Ilam, spread over a 76 hectares of expanse, the UC campus is a beautiful place to study.

The Ilam campus is the central hub with a perfect combination of learning and living; teaching and learning facilities as well as housing and leisure activities all together.

The campus contains four libraries with computer suites giving a 24-hour access, apart from the lecture theatres, laboratories and studios.

You also have all the facilities and access to Sports and fitness, Arts and culture.

International Study Tours and Exchange Programs

UC provides a number of short-term international study prospects which actively encourage students to make intercontinental connections and develop a global perspective.

In addition to this, the UC Exchange Programme has more than 60 exchange contracts with universities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia where you have a great exposure to other cultures while you continue your studies for a semester or two.

 UC’s Staff Exchange Programmes

A number of faculty members at UC are leading professors in their fields and many international professors, lecturers and researchers also visit UC each year on their staff exchange programmes.

This gives you the opportunity to be taught by professors from the universities of Oxford or Cambridge or many other globally renowned universities.

UC's exclusive Erskine Programme draws up to 75 eminent, global academic visitors every year to give lectures in their specialist areas. The Former Erskine Fellows also include two Nobel Prize winners - Emeritus Professor Clive Granger and Professor Bob Grubbs.

Scholarships and Internships

At UC you also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships as well as go for internships and gain the industry exposure while you are still studying.

UC offers scholarships based on academic excellence, sports achievements, and a few scholarships may also be based on financial needs.

So if you are deciding to Study in New Zealand you must give a serious thought to University of Canterbury.

Personal engagement

UC academics are committed and give individual attention to students, there by nurturing your ideas and pushing you to excel.

As a UC student you will bring your ideas to life and embrace a practical approach to education.
You also have a chance to join a community which allows you to live and learn amid motivating and skilled people from across the world.

Wrap Up

Speaking in a nut shell, we can say that UC has been steadfast in producing tomorrow's leaders for more than 140 years now. Today UC graduates benefit from the national and international acknowledgement of their accomplishments.

By studying at the University of Canterbury you will be able to develop an excellent educational foundation which you will be able to turn into an amazing career.

To gain more knowledge about education in New Zealand and about the University of Canterbury specifically, you can contact Top Overseas Education Consultants in India and gain in-depth knowledge about the same.

Learn about the scholarships, internships and stay back opportunities in New Zealand and avail the best education abroad information.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

7 Australian Universities offering quality Hospitality Management Programs

Hospitality is a booming industry. Australia is a favourite destination when it comes to pursuing Hospitality programs. Most of the universities offer a wide range of hostility and tourism programs. As Australia is called as a tourists’ paradise, hence it’s obvious to see some of the top universities in this country offering the students a wide range of quality programs on Hospitality and Tourism. For a good opening in this industry, it becomes imperative for the students to quality training and education. As per a recent study, there has been a steady growth in a wide range of hospitality programs, which is reported to around of 30 percent.  Well, how about exploring the top 7 Australian Universities offering quality Hospitality Management Programs as under:

 1). Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School:

Talk of the Hospitality program in Australia and the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School tops the list. It is among the reputed institute to offer a wide range of programs including the undergraduate and master’s program in Hotel and Resort Management. The institute offers the degree in association with the University of Queensland.

2). Griffith University:

The next in this list is Griffith University, which holds the Best Tourism Educator Award called the ‘National Tourism Awards’ in the year 2010. It was the Hospitality Department of the university, which boasts a wide range of hospitality students of undergraduate programs. Like for example, the students can get Bachelor of International Tourism along with the Hotel Management, and the PG Diplomas and Certificates in Tourism.

3). University of Queensland:

Unlike the above two institutes, it offers a wide range of programs including the BIHTM (Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management). This Degree is a pioneer from this university when it comes to the hotel management industry. The program involves merely a study of theory along with the practical experience, along with the Executive Shadowing Program, which is clubbed with a Tourism Regional Internship Project, to further hone the managerial capacities of its local and global students.

4). Bond University:

If you are looking to study in Australia the courses in Hospitality, then you can count on Bond University. It offers the BIHTM (Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management) which is famous for giving the best of the features. It has tie-ups with several big branded hotels including Marriott, Intercontinental and Hilton, which helps in offering the quality popular courses in Australia.

5). Murdoch University:

Murdoch University has a good ranking and is known to offer some Popular Courses in Australia related to hospitality and tourism courses to both the local and international students.  One of the popular programs on hospitality includes Bachelor of Commerce (Hospitality and Tourism Management), which is a three years comprehensive course that is backed with practical education.

6). The Hotel School Sydney:

It is among the top institute that offers a wide range of popular courses in Australia. It has a tie-up with Mulpha Australia and Southern University, which is the top Hotel schools in Australia. It offers a wide range of hotel management and tourism courses including the Certifications, Diplomas, and Undergraduate and Post-graduation programs. The institute is known for its strong tie-ups and good industry connections that prompt the students to Study in Australia.

7). Edith Cowan University:

This is among the good ranked universities having the rankings as 751-800 as QS rankings. It is based in the popular Australian city Perth, which is known for its beauty and other features in Western Australia. If you are planning to study in Australia, then this is the best place to pursue Hospitality programs. It offers several popular courses in Australia, which include the Master of International Hospitality Management (MIHM) and Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (BHTM).

Friday, 29 December 2017

Study in United States: Find Out Different Categories of Universities in The USA

For anyone who aims to apply for the academia in the US, it’d be beneficial to have an idea about the kinds of universities there. Without the required information about the colleges, you may not be able to take advantage of the opportunities galore.
The universities in the USA are categorized into Public, Private, Ivy Leagues and Community Colleges. Whether you’re applying for undergraduate courses, master’s or doctorate, you can check for prospects in any of these colleges and have a comparative analysis of the essential criteria before forwarding your applications.

Public Universities

The highlights of the public universities are that they are:

•    State Funded Institutions
•    Usually large
•    Not for profit and financially supported by Public Taxes
•    They offer Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate courses in different fields of study
•    Tuition Fees is comparatively much less than private universities due to state funding

The oldest Public Universities in the US

Three universities claim the title of the oldest public university in the United States:

•    University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
•    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
•    The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

High Ranked Public Universities:  

The University of Texas at Austin, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Florida - Gainesville, University of California -  Berkeley, University of Maryland, College Park are some of the high ranked public universities which are on par with the top-ranked private schools.

A few other public universities to name  are:

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, George Mason University, Colorado State University, Oregon State University, University of South Florida, University of Nebraska - Lincoln,  University of Cincinnati, Auburn University, Montana State University, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, Tennessee Tech University, Kent State University, University of Idaho,  Wright State University, Wichita State University, Murray State University, California State University East Bay and Fresno, Pittsburgh State University and many more.

Community Colleges

Certain public universities in the US are also termed as community colleges. These schools usually offer the associate’s degree such as

•    Associate of Arts (AA)
•    Associate of Science (AS)

The common characteristics of Community Colleges:

•    Provide a two-year degree
•    Have open admissions policies with low tuition fees
•    Offer academic, technical and vocational degrees
•    Provide Certificates, Diplomas, and Associate Degrees too

List of Community Colleges:

American Honors (8-Community Colleges), San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley, Seattle Central Community College, Citrus College, Rio Hondo College, Mt. San Antonio College, Mt. Sierra College, Pacific Oaks, Westwood College, DeVry, ITT Tech, etc.…

Private Universities:

 The salient features of the private universities in the US:

•    All these schools have state of the art infrastructure
•    Highly Qualified and experienced instructors
•    Tuition fees is almost the same for Domestic as well as International students
•    Tuition fees higher compared to public universities as these Universities are not State funded
•    Opportunity to get scholarships

High Ranked Private Universities

Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University are a few globally known high ranked private Universities in the USA for International Students.

Private Universities in the order of ranking:

Brandeis University International Business School, Long Island University-Brooklyn, Long Island University-C.W. Post, University of New Haven, University of St. Thomas, University of Bridgeport, California Lutheran University, Golden Gate University, University of Mary Hardin Baylor, Dallas Baptist University, Oklahoma City University, Upper Iowa University, City University of Seattle, Hult International Business School are a select few universities in the order of ranking.

Ivy leagues

The Ivy League is an official branding, representing a specific conglomerate of private colleges and universities. This group is distinguished for academic excellence, discernment in admissions, and social exclusivity.

The eight institutions under IVY League are:

 Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.
The prominent attributes of Ivy League:

•    Located mainly in the North Eastern part of the USA
•    The oldest and the most famous group of Private academia in the US
•    Renowned for their Business Schools; also have many graduate and professional schools
•    Tuition fees at the Ivy League is the highest in the country
•    Getting admission in USA is a hard nut to crack

With this overview we hope you find this article useful, and by now you have acquired a fair idea of the kind of Universities in the USA for International Students. So this information will undoubtedly be beneficial for anyone of you who's looking ahead to Study in the US.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Study in Australia: 7 Steps to Apply There

Think of studying in Australia, you can think of a number of reasons to consider this country as your final destination for study abroad. Studying in Australia is more about thinking of Kangaroos, outback or boomerangs. Besides it is also called as the Land Down Under along with being the home to gorgeous beaches, loads of outdoorsy adventure, along with a number of other things to enjoy. Well, if you have planned to study in Australia, you need to follow the steps given below as under. How about checking the 7 Steps to Study in Australia in the following paragraphs:

1). Select Your Options

You can refer to a wide range of courses available for both the undergraduate and post-graduate courses. The best part of Australian education is that the universities here have embarked on a number of programs, which are innovative suiting to your requirements. You can easily find the long list of course content and structures that showcase a wide range of details including the entry requirements, tuition fees, the deadlines along with the vital information about the chosen program. Seeking the help of Best Study Abroad Consultants can help you in choosing the best program along with the university.

2). The Application Forms

Once you have chosen your university, the next step for you is to start the application process. Every university has its own method of applying, which is more or less similar. You can further research on making the application. The application of any university has the list of dos and don ts, which are nothing but the detailed guide for applying.

3). Submit the Applications

Once you have completed the application in your chosen university, its time to submit the application. Check and double check the information you have entered in your application form along with completing and certifying your documents for your chosen college or university. Once you are done, then you are supposed to upload to the applications for the assessment by the chosen universities.

4). The Decision

Once you apply for your chosen course along with the chosen university, it’s time to prepare for the next step. Once the university studies your application along with your candidature, you will get the offer letter from the university, which will ask you to carry out the further steps including arranging the funds and applying for the visa.

5). Ready to Go

Once you are done with the documentation and other formalities and finally got your visa, you all set to leave the country to pursue your dream program. Book your tickets, check the living arrangements along with opening up the bank account for Australia along with other things you would require to sort out. Seeking the help of Best Overseas Education Consultants in India can help you in getting things for you regarding the tickets bookings, visa process, and other things.

6). Your Final Preparations

Now you have to follow the instructions as given by your chosen university about the pre-departure information carefully about when you are supposed to arrive. Try exploring the place where you are all set to leave for your dream program along with checking other key things you need for your immigration.

7). All set and done

Once you reach your chosen university in Australia, you have just made it. Time to be serious in your studies in a new place a new country and enjoy your time getting the best of the learning experience here.

Dreaming to Study in Australia, well the above seven points can help you a lot. Follow them and make your dream come true. Best of Luck! 

Monday, 13 November 2017

Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies in the USA

Are you a person with out of the box thinking? Are you interested in pursuing your master’s with a unique combination providing distinctive job opportunities? Then you are certain to opt for an inter-disciplinary program at master’s level.

Interdisciplinary Studies

This seems to be a catchphrase in education these days and one that seems to be given quite thought. But what does 'interdisciplinary' study really mean?
And what are its benefits?

As the word itself suggests, Interdisciplinary study involves the blend of two or more academic disciplines in one course or program that suits your distinct academic and professional goals. The combination can be from the humanities, the Physical and Life Sciences, the Creative and Performing Arts, the Management Studies or the Social Sciences.

Masters in USA

Benefits of Interdisciplinary Studies

A Major in Interdisciplinary Studies is as good as a department-based Major. The interdisciplinary study enables students to shape their own pathway by choosing courses of their interest. A fusion of disciplines is a sure fire way to provide broader learning and application aiming at exclusive specializations and job prospects.

Course Combinations at Master’s Level in USA

Let’s focus on the Courses available as a major in the interdisciplinary studies for a Masters in USA. Business Analytics, Data Sciences, Financial Engineering, Engineering Management, Business Analytics, Bio-informatics, Bio-Medical Engineering, are a few to name.

University Options

Moving onto the availability of interdisciplinary studies in the USA for pursuing a master’s degree in one such combination, you’ll be glad to know that there are umpteen renowned universities offering these specializations. Let’s have a look at a few universities under the various interdisciplinary specializations.

M.S. in Business Analytics

·         University of Southern California
·         New York University
·         University of Rochester
·         Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts
·         Kent State University   Kent, Ohio
·         University of Colorado Denver, Colorado
·         University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
·         Master of Science Business Analytics and Information Systems
·         University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

MS in Data Analytics Engineering

·         George Mason University, Fairfax Count, Virginia
·         M.E./M.S. in Bio-Medical Engineering
·         Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
·         University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA
·         University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
·         Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
·         Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA
·         University of Texas at San Antonio, an Antonio, Texas · Northwest Side
·         University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

M.S. in Bio-informatics

·        New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, New Jersey, USA.

MS in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

·         George Mason University, Fairfax Count, Virginia
·         University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
·         Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri
·         University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

MS in Bioinformatics Management

·         George Mason University, Fairfax Count, Virginia

MS in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

·         University of Massachusetts Lowell, Navitas

M.S. in Engineering Management

·         University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
·         University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
·         University of Massachusetts Lowell
·         California State University, Northridge, Los Angeles, California, USA
·         Milwaukee School of Engineering
·         Western New England Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

Masters of Engineering Management (M.E.M.)

·         Arkansas State University, in Jonesboro, Arkansas
·         Master of Science in Engineering Technology Management
·         Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
·         MBA with specialization in Technology & Engineering Management
·         Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas

Financial Engineering

·         University of California - Berkeley
·         Columbia University
·         Carnegie Mellon University
·         Cornell University
·         New York University
·         University of Illinois
·         NYU Tandon School of Engineering

So, if you’re giving a serious thought on study abroad with one such combination for a master’s degree in the USA then you can get going without any further qualms. It’s time to ignite the spark of enthusiasm in you and proceed with your choice of specialization.

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