Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Why shouldn’t Indian students hesitate to study abroad?

Morse’s picture of Albert Einstein’s office room is a solid proof of how great minds are born.  Educating oneself is a continuous lifetime process.

India is known to be the second largest higher education network in the world. With its wide variety of culture and arts it has become one of the leading platforms to attract tourism and also cultural education. But nowadays, students who aspire to go abroad and study are increasing in number. Most of them go not just with the intention of studying but also to settle down. Who is to be blamed for this decision that the young generation makes? Is it the degree oriented and less labor oriented courses in the education system, the slow growth of economic conditions of India, the students who have rich and pampering parents or the higher standard of living that attracts them?

There is also little lot who don’t want to go abroad as they find going abroad as a tedious task and give up on higher studies. Most of the passed out high school students are either confused or have no idea of what their aptitude is. They are mostly unaware of their capability and of what they should pursue for higher education. Due to lack of interest some even give up on any higher studies.

Difficulty to crack Indian entrances

Though now there are varied opportunities available in the education system in India for students to study, getting an entry into a good college or institution is a crucial and hectic task. Even if some get through to some well-known institutions, the products of those institutions are sometimes incapable of bringing out a person equipped with good practical experience.

Suspicion of fraudulent certificates

It’s also a fact that most of the higher education courses available in India do not hold a market value. As in, it wouldn’t guarantee an employment to the students. Most of the people who carry a degree from Indian Universities would find it very difficult to get employed in US or UK. They have to undergo a lot of formalities to check the credentials of their certificates.

Advantages of studying in a foreign place

Studying abroad opens up a doorway to students, enabling them to have a chance to explore the culture and structure of a foreign place. It also helps them to financially become stable so that their future is secured. It is not always a stream of worry for any nation that students are going abroad to be educated. Education from different backgrounds makes one more knowledgeable. It gives them more exposure and broadens their thinking horizons.

Scholarships and funds

It is true and proven that a degree from a foreign country holds more value in India, as it shows the practical exposure that one has. Some back off with the plan to study abroad thinking that it is an expensive and extensive venture. But there are study abroad programs that are very cost effective. Some universities also provide a good scholarship system to students who are bright and have sound knowledge in their field of studies.

Back-up plan to go Up front

The study abroad consultants available in various parts of the country help the students with the procedures of admissions in foreign countries systematically. They coach, guide and mentor until the visa of a student is processed.  These Abroad Education Consultants also have grown as a business in the Indian market helping it to improve economically and in-turn helping the Indian students to find a pathway towards exploring and studying abroad.

Be adventurous! Like eagles that fly high cutting through that strong wind, fly away. Get experience of living harmoniously with different cultures and traditions while observing and absorbing a little.


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