Friday, 19 August 2016

Why Studying Abroad is Viable than IITs and IIMs?

Yes indeed it is really interesting question.. When I was in college I used to think on this issue, but ultimately came on a conclusion that studying abroad is really beneficial in all aspects. Isn’t it. When it comes to higher education, every family and all students gets in a dilemma that what steps should be taken. But there are some facts or you can say reasons where we can decide as to what is easier and beneficial.

Admissions to higher studies is difficult in India when it comes to IITs and IIMs. GRE is comparatively easy than GATE. GATE consists of math and one who is weaker in this section should definitely forget about higher studies. But GRE, if you score good, there are many options for you abroad.

Dream Come True.. Studying in foreign country is everyone’s dream. Students get easy education loans and scholarships through educational and government institutions. Yes, the fees are unaffordable but still it can be bared. Also one who dreams in researching gets higher opportunities than in India. We get good facilities, friendly environment, nice faculty than India.

Thinking Globally.. Leaving India is really a nice option for the ones who really need to change their personalities, who need to improve socially, who loves to face challenges.. In short higher education abroad is nothing but an enjoyable adventure ride. We get to know about people, their culture, food, dressing, etc from various countries.

Working while Studying.. Studying in India will never allow you to work while pursuing your studies, but in foreign countries working on petrol pumps, pizza shops and many more places is easy. In India working in such places, is like hurting our self esteem and the burden of parents for “LOG KYA KAHENGE”. One can easily sustain abroad by working, as to clear the loans or personal expenses. A person knows about his family financial conditions, and with this realization, he acts smartly and spends wisely.

“Aloneness is the best teacher of our life”

When coming to a conclusion, it is well cleared above. India is indeed a great country with great people, but when it comes to improvement we should definitely opt for studying abroad. Afterall we Indians have been slaves of foreigners for many years, now its our time to study and earn in their countries and bring the money and knowledge to make India rich again!!!


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