Monday, 6 June 2016

Tricks and Techniques to Master GRE

The decision to take Computer Adaptive Test of Graduate Record Examination is not that easy. For those who actually want to pursue Masters or Ph.D. programs in USA, GRE is one of the most difficult exam to be qualified to enter into leading schools for Graduate programs. The scores that will achieved in GRE exams is the most crucial element of somebody’s application. Thereby, an examinee must excel GRE to confidently pass the examination. Together with some tricks and techniques, an examinee can boost of their GRE score and performance.

If you want to crack GRE try to use multiple resources. Don’t restrict yourself to a single book, some books are perfect in one area while other areas are covered in other books in detail. It is very important that you should select and find the best book that not only cover best strategies but also cover plenty of practice questions.

Many times, in the process of mastering each section of GRE, students fail to focus on easy questions. In addition, you should focus on few question types every week. Because in the end, you have to build-up skills in certain area but also keep on revising the topics that were already covered.
This is very obvious and essential point that do not continue work on what you are already good at, practice more such topics that you don’t like or in which you struggle more. Success on GRE depend on being proficient at same level. GRE tests your skills on different concepts. By only being proficient at few things, it’s impossible to solve difficult questions.

Math and Verbal section of GRE are full of traps. Luckily, there are many tricks and shortcuts to solve those tough questions, if you know them, it will be easy for you to save lot of time. Best way to deal with such trap is regular practice. And for best practice, you will require best study material. A good coaching institute can provide you with very precise and comprehensive GRE study material.

Sentence completion questions are meant to test the vocabulary of student. It is meaningless to know the word’s meaning without knowing the context in which they are used.  Students always waste ample of time in learning list of words by heart within limited time. Always try to learn word meaning with examples. In this way you can easily remember the word-meaning and the context in which they are used.

Analytical writing is relatively less significant section. If you go unprepared, this section can take more of your time and energy. If you practice writing few essays on issue topic and argument topic, you will easily explore the kind of points that need to be covered in such topics.

It is very important to develop your strength with correct preparation in advance. Once you attain a comfort level with all the sections of GRE individually, the next step is to take complete practice test. Before few weeks of exam make a time-table of your practice tests and with every test check which areas are consuming time. Rework on those areas, try to improve your speed in those sections.

So How is your preparation going?? Are you facing any challenges? Feel free to comment and ask anything.


yuva prithika said...

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Gregor Renk said...

Pretty pleased to know about the tips and tricks. Graduate programs shortlisted by my cousin are all equally amazing. Already cleared her entrance with flying colors. Was quite regular with Best LSAT Courses in attending the mock tests and daily practice sessions. Her hard work and efforts really paid her well.

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