Thursday, 9 February 2017

Top Higher Education Abroad Scholarships for Indian students

There are many scholarships which are available for the Indian students offered by the government organizations and specific universities abroad. Following are is the list of current scholarships as of January 2017 to which the students can apply. 

1.       BOLC Distance Learning Scholarships

Brentwood Open Learning College has made learning affordable for students across the world by announcing BOLC Distance Learning Scholarships. The scholarship covers about 80% of the course fee and ranges between 100 (UK Pounds) to 460 (UK Pounds) and the amount is variable based on the need.

  •         Basic English language skills.
  •        Well motivated and passionate about future.
  •        Aged 16 years or older.
  •         Student can get one scholarship per student per year.

2.       Macquarie University Scholarships

Macquarie University has announced scholarships of AUD 1.8 Million for undergraduate students and Indian women. The scholarships will support undergraduates and post graduate female students with tuition fee waivers. The Macquarie International Women’s scholarship aims to provide AUD 11,000 tuition fees for the full duration of the course to the female students in India thus making quality education affordable.

The Macquarie University Undergraduate Scholarship aims in providing up to AUD 17,000 tuition fees for the full duration of the course for the undergraduate students. The university is looking forward to the applications from bright young minds in India and the students can benefit from this opportunities.

  •      To meet the English requirements of the course they have selected.
  •           Meeting a minimum academic score in their previously completed qualification.

3.    European School of Management and Technology Scholarships

ESMT provides partial tuition scholarships to the students for students having academic merit who are selected for Master’s in Management. The criteria of allocation is academic excellence, leadership potential, interpersonal skills and personal and professional achievement. The students having subjects like science, technology, engineering, finance, mathematics or economics are especially encouraged to apply for the scholarships for their higher education abroad. The scholarship is also awarded to the candidates having backgrounds in business studies, international relations and finance.

4.       International Ambassador Scholarships from University of West London

This scholarship provides the financial support to the outstanding students who want to become the ambassadors for the University of West London. The number of scholarships being offered are 50, worth up to 5,000 pounds. The university provides discount on the cost of tuition fees for the first year of study. The scholarship can be applied for by filling a scholarship application form.

  • If the students have been offered a full-time undergraduate or post-graduate course at the University of West London.
  • The international ambassadors are the active representatives of the university. They have to participate in the current as well as future promotional activities. The ambassadors will also contribute from time to time for the promotion of University of West London by supporting the events which are organized by the international office.

5.       Holland Scholarship University of Twente

This scholarship is for the bright students who are from the international countries applying for the courses of the university. The amount awarded is 5,000 Pounds for one year for the bachelors and masters level for your higher education abroad.

  • Your program should start in the academic year which you are applying for.
  • You have not studies in Netherlands previously for a full degree at any level.
  • You have a good GPA e.g. 7.5 out of 10.
  • You have the English language proficiency like IELTS 6.5.

6.    Global Schools Foundation – GIIS Global Citizen Scholarships

The global schools foundation which is headquartered in Singapore offers scholarships to the deserving candidates for their future growth and provide a good learning experience in Queenstown, Singapore. It offers good career prospects to the class 10 academic toppers for an IB Diploma at GIIS Queenstown Campus in Singapore and for Junior College CBSE. The scholarship amount is $ 90,000 for every student and including a onetime airfare and visa fee along with the tuition fee, boarding and lodging and pocket allowance per month for the daily expenses of the two-year scholarship program.

7.       Dr Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarships

The University of Sydney offers the scholarship to students who have an offer of admission for a full time master’s course in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology from the University of Sydney.

  •      Applicant must be an international student.
  •          Have achieved a distinction or average of 75 % or above in the undergraduate studies.
  •      Not holding any scholarship currently from the University of Sydney.
      Having an offer letter from the University of Sydney for the Engineering and Information Technology.

     The applicants are assessed on the basis of their merit. The scholarship would cover 50% of the tuition fees for one year.

Who will help you to get these scholarships?

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